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Rammstein - Kein Engel (Feb 2007)

I have to inform all fans of Rammstein, that new bootleg called Kein Engel appeared on interned. Please don’t download this bootleg and inform web providers wherever you see that illegal stuff. By sharing these files you commit a crime and can be punished according to intenational copyrigt law. It was unofficially released in February and includes following Rammstein copyrighted tracks:

01. 5-4
02. Du Riechst So Gut 98
03. Kokain
04. Wilder Wein
05. Hallelujah
06. Das Modell
07. Engel (Extended Version)
08. Benzin (Kerosinii Remix By Apocalyptica)
09. Mein Teil (Single Version)
10. Sonne (Instrumental)
11. Ohne Dich (Beta Version)
12. Schtiel (Till Lindemann & Richard Kruspe)
13. Wut Will Nicht Sterben (Puhdys & Till Lindemann)
14. Stripped
15. Engel (Scala And Kolacny Brothers)

These tracks are available on officially released singles or special editions.

13 Responses to “Rammstein - Kein Engel (Feb 2007)”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Actually I am downloading right now. about 10 mins before I read this. P.S there is also another bootleg released now called Volkerboot and it only come in speciel and limited editions from what I can see. It dosn’t download very well.

  2. Kenny Says:

    Iv stopped it downloading.

  3. Christa Says:

    What the hell? I didn’t know they were comming out with anything now? AHHHH…so happy

  4. External Says:

    Christa > They (Rammstein) really were not comming out with new stuff. This is just a compilation made by one of crazy fans and shared on internet. This crazy fan commited a crime by sharing this contents and this post is here to warn all other people that sharing these copyrighted song is illegal.

  5. Kenny Says:

    Is it illeagal to download it if you already own all these songs? - as I do.

  6. WeedHider Says:

    I Don’t Think There is Anythin Wrong With it because If One Person is downlading this I’m pretty sure that Heaps of other peop r downloading this Right Now I’m Not going to Downlad it Because I’ve got all The rammstein Songs Even All the unreleased Ones .

    P.s Restecpa to All Da Rammstein Fans Out there

  7. External Says:

    Kenny > I don’t think so

  8. mr_flooo Says:

    ":bootleg" recording (or simply bootleg or boot) is an audio and/or video recording of a performance that was not officially released by the artist, or under other legal authority. so kenny and WeedHider, YES it’ts not only wrong, but also ILLEGAL to get through p2p, or whatever kind of downloading means to any un-official releases. Such trades, or exchanges, do help RAMMSTEIN & PILGRIM MNGMT to postpone official releases, even concerts and tours…people will not buy official materials and money does NOT get to their original authors, dear fans!

  9. mr_flooo Says:

    AND IN FACT…. we are talking about piracy and counterfeits, not bootlegging here! because the listed tracks are not recorded, but “illegaly duplicated”, re-mastered, or re-mixed!

  10. mr_flooo Says:

    here are the legal definitions:
    Music piracy refers to the illegal duplication and distribution of sound recordings and includes three specific forms: Pirate, Bootleg, and Counterfeit.

    Pirate recordings are the unauthorized duplications of only the sound of legitimate recordings. The packaging may not duplicate the original art, label, title, sequencing, combination of titles, etc. Pirate recordings can also include unauthorized demos, outtakes, compilations, and unreleased tracks.

    Bootleg recordings are the unauthorized recordings of a live concert, or a musical broadcast on radio or television.

    Counterfeit recordings are unauthorized recordings of the prerecorded sound as well as the unauthorized duplication of original artwork, label, trademark and packaging.

  11. External Says:

    mr_flooo > exactly

  12. mr_flooo Says:

    external…I got to read the topic exactly while translating and documenting myself for the page about bootlegs…so that’s why I posted theese definitions. In faculty I was quite good on this matters

  13. WeedHider Says:

    Yeah Mr_Flooo I Spose ur rite ay i’d rather Buy the cd If it did come out but it Fuckin Sucks because they’re Probly not going To release A Cd like that but meh Rammstein is Probably Goin to make More and Even Better songs PEACE OUT!

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