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PopcornAccording to some infos Rammstein should release a Best of Album in 2007. There are two main sources of this information. The first is and second is an interview with Bushido, who said that there should be some Best of album, including duet Rammstein featuring Bushido (he’s a german artist). You cas see this interview on the scan from the magazine Popcorn. The new song name should be “Vergiss uns nicht” (Don’t forget us).

Source: rammstein-austria.com


5 Responses to “Rammstein Best of Album”

  1. Says:

    darn this would be disgusting! please dont do it Rammstein

  2. Doddy Jr Says:

    Bro This Would B Full Sik On The Album!!!!

  3. no_screen Says:

    “The new song name should be “Vergiss uns nicht” (Don’t forget us).”

    i hope its not the end, it seems so :S

  4. Math Says:

    According to Richard i have said in an interview that Rammstein will keep on playing until one of them dies…

  5. veronica Says:

    Making a “best of” is like reaching a semi-pathetic level. Have it gone that far? - And Bushido?? Yuck!!

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